What we do: Valentine’s Day gifting is something that I look forward to every year. Kendall and I normally exchange one valuable or meaningful gift. I also, the past couple of years make a “southern styled” or Mexican dish because hubby loves either (food is the way to a mans heart ladies) and I LOVE to decorate the table we’re going to eat at with rose petals for a little extra something. BUT, I realize dinner, decor, and meaningful gifts take time, so I’m going to share some affordable and somewhat quick gifts you can do for your significant other that my hubby and I have done for each other.  

Gifts under $25 you can make quickly

Open When Letters

Spa in a Jar

Food, this is always a winner for both Kendall and I!

I found this picture on Pinterest because the “Open when letters” I made for Kendall in 2016 have been opened, folded, moved multiple times and look a little raggedy. BUT they were a huge hit for my man and I’m the type of person to love these things too. 

What you need:

You can even make this with supplies you probably have at home, but if you’d like to get  a pack of cute letters and envelopes (super girly lol) Click Here 

In my own letters to Kendall he had begun a new job and I made the letters to fit around our relationship, for example I wrote things like: 

1. Open when you miss me

2. Open when you need Motivation 

3. Open when you’re feeling impatient with me

4. Open when you feel lonely (we had opposite schedules when he started the new job, I slept a lot then too hahah so we weren’t seeing eachother as often) 

I wrote 7 letters! Just make it your own and unique


Spa in a jar!! Kendall got me some bath bombs, salts, masks, and mini manicure necessities our first valentines day as a married wed. Flowers included lol but it was AMAZING. Who doesn’t like to be pampered…if you say “me” you’re lying to yourself too. 

What you need

  1. Jar, I use jars for everything and when I run out I buy more jars. I have an issue. But I get them pretty cheap on amazon or target in bulk! you can check these out from Amazon or these from Target which are a little cheaper!
  2.  Lotion (travel size to fit the Jar), I linked Jergens ultra healing because I love it and the travel size is only .99 cents! 
  3.  Nail Clipper set (Nail clippers + file) 
  4. Bath Bomb 
  5. Foot soak , you can make them for pretty cheap and large portions to keep for yourself too. or just buy a small baggy and put a smaller portion in a smaller container. 
  6.  EOS Lip balm or favorite chapstick
  7. Face Masks- I love to get the $1-$5 masks at walmart, target, cvs, pretty much everywhere! 
  8. A nicer razor
I found this blogger who did this exactly and even went as far to break down the homemade items as well! You should check it out CLICK HERE

Well thought out and yummy food is always a winner. 

In our home we love some homemade cookies, muffins and pies! 

What you need

One of my favorite books given to me as a gift, is the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook!. It’s easy to follow and everything I’ve made has been amazing!! 

If I’m not using that book I get family recipes from my momma of course! 

Maybe the time just got away from you, so here's some fun and thoughtful gifts to buy!

JB Leather Notebooks. This one is monogrammed by them as well with my initials and has the blank pages therefore it was a little over $40 but normally this one is about $30. It’s currently sold out but there are LOTS of other options to make it special for your person! 

Watch Jewelry Box. I LOVE the sizing and monogramming on this one. My husband loves his watches, if you’ve got a S.O that babies their watches but also likes to leave them all over the house then this is the gift for them lol. 

This is the Watch Jewelry Box Kendall now uses for his watches. If the last one is too small I recommend going up a size to this one and thi sis under $20 on sale right now. 

The Frenchie Co. So many reasons to get hubby or even yourself one of these wallets! Also, I’ve linked my discount code to the link. 10% off 

Gift Box– pre-made for you and under $20

Personalized Cards! Etsy is probably the BEST place to find them!

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