Pausing in the moment

It’s the beginning of 2019 and I want to share only 5 goals I have for this year. I think 5 is obtainable and fair. Last year was one for challenges, change, and a whole lot of trust. We want this year to be one where we are willing to take on challenges without the fear and a learning year! 

so here we go

1. Learning to pause. If you know me personally you know that my brain is hardwired to MOSTLY look further into the future than I need to. Especially since I can’t really predict where I’ll be in 5 years. This past week has hit me like a bag of bricks, making me appreciate the little moments I have with the people I love and those that I’m meeting for the first time. I want to learn to pause once in awhile and enjoy where I am RIGHT NOW!  

2. Not allowing the circumstances around me to take hold of my emotions. If you find yourself (like me) letting the anger take over you, because the guy to your right decided to cut you off WITHOUT even using his blinker and even decided to slow down (ugh makes me feel some type of way thinking about it), then I can promise you, you’re not living to your highest potential…that’s a chain! (listen to Steven Furtick “Choosing your chains”)

3. Financial Freedom . wow. Meaning we are doing things to get us out of financial issues (Dave Ramsey is our Inspo)  but instead in the long run benefit not just us but our family!  It’s sad but a lot of us (like my husband)  put our purpose/passions on the shelf to “pay the bills”. This year, my husband and I have decided to take a huge leap of faith. We trust that God will pull us through the hard times, Kendall is going back to school for a passion of his…we both don’t believe you NEED school to succeed but for what he wants to do he needs the degree.

4. Prayer and Fasting must become more important. I’ve fasted twice my entire life. One of which for a diet and the other for a breakthrough but I broke it the 4th day…so bad..I want to learn to push through fasting for Him and I want to pray like I mean it with every single word, not just what I think I should say, but what I want to tell Him. Actual conversations that lead to better understanding. 

5. Fitness goals. I want to lose half the baby weight this year slowly so that I can keep it off (healthier lifestyle and more activity) no fad diets for me. Kendall has his own fitness goals too! Therefore, we’re tackling them as a couple! 


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