2018 Birthday Reflection


“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His loves endures forever.” Psalm 107:1 


I woke up this morning around 10 a.m. with my phone full of birthday messages and I’m so thankful and grateful for every single one of them! 

Just as grateful as I am for this past year. It’s funny because my birthday lands on a day that everyone else talks about how grateful they are for their past year as well, so my birthday just blends in with everyone else sharing! 2018 was a challenging year for my family and me. As I look back I find myself amazed at everything we’ve accomplished and made new goals for as well. I also recognize the mistakes we’ve made and have had to heal from too. 

I would call this year overall a growing year though, Kendall and I as a couple have learned a lot and I see HUGE changes in our mindsets and how we do things TOGETHER now. I appreciate the challenges the Lord brought us through and I thank for the ones that made us reach out for him more. 

  • Happy Recap of this year 

1. We moved to Chattanooga, TN for a change in finances, schooling and job opportunity but found growth and unexpected decisions in every aspect. Kendall is going back to school too now! 

2. I began serving at our church and found my relationship with Jesus changing in a way that has changed ME and my relationships, to be more fulfilling and purposeful.

3. I restarted my blog! Yes, I had a smaller blog before this one that made me dread creating content, but now I’ve found love in writing again and fashion! 

4. My baby boy turned TWO, he may be considered a toddler but always my baby. 

5. Kendall and I celebrated two years of marriage! 



What I’m grateful for this year

  1. Jesus never gave up on me and pushed me to find my purpose
  2. Kendall is going back to school for something he wants to do!
  3. Spending my birthday back in Florida with my family
  4. Being able to see breakthrough this year in our marriage (communication is key y’all) 
  5. Support from all over
  6. Venue Church, the community is the church and that was a huge lesson for me that I’m grateful for as well
  7. Face time with my parents everyday lol
  8. Healthy toddler
  9. Hardworking and loving husband
  10. Experiencing new places all over Tennessee 
  11. Went to my first football game 
  12.  Puppy turned one
  13. Slowly shedding the baby weight and have gone down a pant size 
  14. School, sounds weird but I love that I’m able to attend college and almost done! 
  15. Fashion, I lost it there for a little bit and my mom literally had to choose outfits for a while there for me…I was in a weird rut, but so grateful she lifts me up too! 
  16. New and Old friends. Like I said before I’ve put more work into fulfilling past relationships and being more purposeful with the time and quality of friendship instead of the quantity of friendships
  17. I’ve also made a lot of new friends though! 
  18. Grateful God has changed me to think of ways to fix my own flaws instead of others (still working on it)!
  19. A new car!! How could I forget this, we got rid of the BMW that was dragging us down financially and got a Jeep that is very reliable and I’m still in LOVE with!
  20. Volunteering, makes me happy
 There’s so much to be grateful for and I hope you can also reflect on the good and bad of this past year. We’ve all been through plenty but just remember it can help you grow as a person! You are right where you are supposed to be but this next year should be one filled with growth and purpose! Happy New years and be safe! 

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What are you most grateful for this year?! Leave your comments below! Happy New Years!

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