Gift Guide for your Toddler

10+ Gifts your little one will love

This first section covers toys and items that Owen has had, has and LOVES! The next section is what is either hiding under the tree or on it’s way <3 

1.  Little TIkes T-Ball is a great and affordable gift for any toddler. We actually have two of these lol since one is outside and another in Owen’s room.

2. KidKraft Tabletop Easel Playset this thing is AMAZING!! When I’m feeling like an extra mom I’ll get his paint out, but most days he loves to use his chalk on one side, dry erase markers (comes with eraser too) on the other side, or pull the paper down(which comes with it!) and he’ll color. Such a good gift! 

3. Boley Pretend Play Cleaner’s Play set and Cleaning Supplies – this is so funny actually because while it’s weird to gift our kids fake cleaning supplies it actually is the cutest thing to watch them want to clean like mommy and daddy. Owen will RUN to his room to grab his broom when I’m sweeping! It’s a win win on both sides and totally affordable! 

4. Melissa and Doug Child’s Armchair– Owen got this for his birthday this year. It matched out living room area for awhile and then we moved it into his bedroom to make his room a little more “Homey”. But it’s great material, he loves it and its just the cutest little chair. Normal sized things turned minnie make me happy lol. 

5. KidKraft Farmhouse Table and Chair set–  Owen also got this for his birthday and I can’t think of a day we haven’t used it since. His art easel sometimes sits on it when we color, he uses it when he plays with his cars, just lots of good times at his little table. It’s not a cheap material either, it’s actual wood and has withstood Owen’s wild moments! 

Here we have all the newbies!! SO excited for this part, these items are either under our christmas tree right now or on their way there! 

1 .Hape Pound and Tap Bench Owen’s been into more musical things lately (he always has) but he’s shown a lot more interest in it lately, so I look for things that kind of help diversify the music he normally hears. Something like this, is simple but different and I know any toddler would love it. 

2. My first toddler swing– We finally have a yard where we can put something like a swing and  still have space to run around. I found this one, reasonably priced and still small enough to put away!!

3. Vtech Drum set– my husbands going to kill me with all these noise making machines….BUT look how cute this is and Vtech has always been great to us! 

4. Battat- Take Apart Airplane– for our genius babies that sometimes need a little more brain stimulation! Owen loves to take things apart, asks what each piece is and then likes to assemble things back together..sometimes. But, a family member mentioned getting this for Owen and I love the idea! 

5. Vtech Drill and Learn Toolbox– Vtech for the win, once again! 

6. Green Toys– with owen being into cars and airplanes right now obviously I’d go with the cars options for green toys but they have plenty of other toys too which we adore! 

7. Ocean Wave Project Night Light– weird story…We’ve been using Owens humidifier as his nighlight since it has three settings for a projector night light. But, it takes up a lot of space so I found this little gem! Owen’s fav theme on the other one was the fish and waves so we stuck to waves with this one! 

8. Kids New FIre HD 8–  This one is a little more on the spendy side…but does it really count since it’s for the little one? I always tell myself if he likes it and it’s something we can do together then it’s worth it. 

9. Cars 3. Fly Junior Cruiser– Lightning Mcqueen is everywhere in our house! Owen is obsessed with cars (for now, it changes all the time lol) typical boy, but Kendall (hubs) found this really cool tricycle for little man. He actually has the step down from it which is the non peddled version, which he is a beast on at this point! He flies through the house on that thing, maybe some peddles will slow him down…we’ll see. 

10.  Baby basketball hoop– we’re going to try the basketball hoop, my brother used to love it and I know hubs would play with Owen outside, maybe good bonding time for them. I have two options for this idea too. So either the baby version or the big man version…still deciding on that though. 

11. Big man basketball hoop– the only reason I’ve been thinking that this might be a better option for us mommas to choose it that it can grow with them, instead of getting the little one and then also having to get the big one. All based on what you want to do. 

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