Summer mommy outfits

I want to show momma’s who have changed physically that they too can still have style with or without the extra love on our hips post baby.

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So lets get to it. I’m going based off what has made me feel confident, what hasn’t broken the bank, and things that are actually comfortable. I prefer comfort over everything, because lets be honest…chasing a toddler with the speed of a cheetah in a pair of high heels and a skintight dress just is not realistic.

side note: there may or may not be affiliate links on a few items.

  1. Start with the easy and most comfortable. Good ole’ Jeans and a blouse!


I love simple things like adding in a colorful bandeau under a light weight floral blouse.

American Eagle shorts (super stretch) soooo comfortable!

American Eagle Sandals

2. Rompers

This was a kohls find, I never in a million years thought I’d be able to find a romper for my post baby body. BUT, my mom gifted me this one and boy do I LOVE it.

It hugs in just the right places but gives enough room in the lower half of my body.

THE SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR!!! so comfortable and gives a little lift!!


Romper: Three pink hearts, Kohls

Shoes:Muk Luks Sandals 

3. Skirts are GREAT

I LOVE to wear skirts throughout the week. Here are some that I recommend trying!

(I am not a lularoe consultant nor do I have someone specific I get this from, but I’m sure you know someone who does represent Lularoe)

I do however recommend their “Cassie”. There’s a trick to pull off any pencil skirt for momma’s with the belly pooch though.

Trick: Pull the top of the skirt just over the hip line to draw away from the tummy pooch, tuck the shirt in, add a belt to emphasize the smallest part of your midsection.

B. A-Line Skirts

I definitely recommend A-line skirts for all momma’s. Dress them up, dress them down, they flow and you can still chase your kid around with no problems!

This one here is under $20 on amazon and it comes in a  variety of other prints! My favorite is the lemons.

4. Maxi Dresses

THEY COVER SO MUCH and still give a nice hour glass top figure! Black is one of my go to colors even in the summer, a lightweight maxi can do wonders for your figure and its so easy to throw on.

5. Levis Mom Jeans and a cute T-shirt for the win

I think any mom can relate to this one too, it’s the go to look . But sometimes the height in the waist can make the biggest difference. I love my Levis high waisted..and stretchy!

This  blouse has been a huge hit this summer as well! I’ve seen so many women from all ages rocking this one and I thought I’d share this one especially too.

These are just a few that I’m going to share for now, show me your favorite summer outfit in the comments and let me know what you think of mine 🙂

xx, Gabby

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